EWB will provide technical advisement, suggestions and recommendations based on our working knowledge of Rammed Earth Technology, including:

  • Rammed Earth construction standards, techniques, and methods
  • Value Engineered (VE) design input
  • Rammed Earth Specifications, editable for project specificity
  • Structural engineering guidance and detailing support (stamped engineering for some projects / locations may also be available)
  • Local (to project) Soils analysis, mix design and geotechnical testing to determine maximum compressive strength for structural design
  • Formwork systems, layout, and design
  • Recommended admixtures based on use of the walls and the project climate / geological location
  • Complete and detailed shop drawings of all Rammed Earth walls
  • Direction of the use of appropriate specialized tools & equipment, mixing and material delivery systems and methodology
  • Construction sequencing, scheduling, and procedures for the intended construction of the Rammed Earth Walls
  • Custom color / texture box Samples
  • Final Color / Texture Mock-up Wall    
  • Product Data for all wall ingredients (MSDS sheets)




Earth Wall Builders

Modern Rammed Earth Design

& Consulting services



​​Reach out to us to early in the project planning or design development phases of your project and discover how tapping the knowledge and experience of Rammed Earth Wall Builders as a supporting member of your team will be both time efficient and cost effective for your project.  We can help you determine if Stabilized Rammed Earth (SRE) or Stabilized Insulated Rammed Earth (SIRE) are a good fit for your project aesthetic, timeline, and budget.  We love sharing our experiences, dos and don’ts as well as offering guidance to assist owners, architects, engineers and contractors to make the most of the rammed earth elements for your project.  Once you have determined that Rammed Earth is a good fit for your project; we would be happy to discuss our wide range of consulting services with you. 

These services are typically divided into two stages:  Pre-Construction Consulting and Construction Supervision.

​​​EWB will provide an on-site construction supervision team experienced in rammed earth construction to oversee and train the crew in all aspects of the rammed earth wall construction.

  • Direction, procurement and use of all materials, supplies, formwork, and specialized equipment for the Rammed Earth construction
  • On-site coordination with the General Contractor and adjoining trades for implementing the Rammed Earth wall forming and construction per the intent conveyed in the plans and specifications of the Project
  • Detailed list and schedule of all labor, materials and equipment needed (to be provided by others) for the wall construction
  • Control and implementation and regular testing of the soils blend and mixing of materials
  • Control and implementation of the desired color palette, details and special conditions occurring during construction, as prescribed by the plans and specifications    
  • Production of scheduled soils cylinders throughout wall construction for Geotechnical Engineer testing per the project Specifications
  • Photo documentation of all phases of the wall construction including special conditions and rebar placement per the Specifications    
  • Leased use of EWB mixing, conveyance and specialized tools and equipment as required
  • Supervision of end of construction wall cleaning
  • Professional patching and repair if needed and application of wall sealer if desired