Earth Wall Builders was founded and is led by an experienced licensed architect, staffed with innovative construction managers and specialists, and is supported by the most creative structural engineers out there!  Over the years we have compiled the largest rammed earth design and construction pool in North America, which enables us to cost-effectively take on any project, anywhere, from a single garden bench to large and complex commercial projects.

When someone experiences a rammed earth building for the first time, they are forever changed.  The beautifully visceral, clean and substantial feel and smell of these structures is hard to forget.  One immediately senses a connection to the earth, to the natural elements that make up our walls and is left with a feeling of permanence and safety.  A lasting bond is created between the users and visitors of our buildings.

EWB understands the importance of that bond and we go to great lengths to make your experience with us positive, and your project as successful as possible.  Designing with rammed earth takes special care, we not only embrace the principles of natural architecture and passive solar design; but have a broad depth of experience with the building of rammed earth walls in drastically different locations and climates.

Whether you are interested in an incredibly energy efficient, unique and health-wise new home or are an architect or build professional seeking assistance with an up-coming project; Earth Wall Builders is your go-to for rammed earth design and building. 

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